meet avo•bite

Avobite combines our three favorite things: great food, Kansas City, and a whole lot of avocado. 

We’re committed to keeping our ingredients as fresh and local as possible, to offer our Kansas City community a delicious alternative for healthy living.

Inspired by her travels and exposure to diverse culinary styles, owner and creative chef, Veronica Soto discovered a new passion; combining mindfulness in the kitchen and healthy, flavorful dishes without sacrificing the rich taste each food group offers. 

With her desire to be more conscious and enthusiasm for exploring food in creative ways, Soto wanted to share her passion by pairing her love of Kansas City with her love of all things culinary.

Veronica Soto Avobite

After lots of long nights and taste tests, The Soto Family came together to bring Avobite’s mission to life: encourage the love of healthy eating one avocado at a time.

visit us in north kansas city, iron district

Our atmosphere is as inspiring as our food! 

Come visit us at the new, trendy outdoor food and retail space at the corner of 16th Avenue and Iron Street in the Iron District of Kansas City.

It’s the perfect place to eat, drink, shop, and enjoy a great time with family and friends.

Just look for the vibrant green container, you can’t miss us!

Avobite Iron District Kc